Monday, May 11, 2020

The Blue-haired Noble, part 3

"Well Felis, here we are, the city of shadows," the Blue-haired noble mumbled under her breath, as she looked around the City of Shadows. Thankfully her shielding was holding up, as the flower next to her released a puff of noxious gas. 
She slowly walked down the black road, her boats softly moving along the narrow road, her long coat swishing behind her as she walked. Looking around she spotted the dark indigo banner she was looking for, quickly ducking into the next alley. She knew she had to move from this city soon, there were a few other cities similar to this, none quite as bad, but still dark enough to earn the class of fallen city. Flicking her hair behind her ear, she activated the portal located in the alley, knowing that since it was already in place, the runes would hide who activated the portal.
Stepping through she sighed as she saw the heart of Pandemos, home of her friend Rowan, a fashionista who would help her on her way, hopefully.
"Halt, Rinn of the house of Smintheus, you are ordered under the authority of the High Regent to surrender and submit to questioning!" Rinn turned around, eyes widening as she saw the Regency guards standing right there, next to the shop. 
"Do not continue with this fall from grace," The head of the guard appeared to be slightly confused, almost as if it was peer accident they meet here and he and his men had just been stopping for a snack, but Rinn would think about this more later.
"This isn't a fall from grace, Valentine, this is a leap to Freedom," Rinn declared, voice strong and proud.
Waving her hand, she cast a quick teleportation spell, then another portal spell, vanishing to the Ember City, then the Ice City. Quickly sent a message to Rowan, explaining what had happened, and telling her that Rinn was switching to the back up plan, before she left the Ice City.
"Well Felis, let's hope the Magic Queen is willing to listen, otherwise I might be in a lot of trouble."

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Festival of Color

The Festival happens every year, same day, same time. The magic that lets the sky happen allows for this to happen every year as well. It starts with the Sky's color changing, shifting to aurora's on every planet. The colors shifted and changed, lighting up the land with a myriad of colors. Greens, reds, blues, violets, purples, yellows, oranges, pinks. All of these colors light up the skies and fill the world with even more colors than what it usually had. The Festival, known as the Festival of Color, is a beloved holiday. People dress up in their favorite colors, and run around, playing games and going to open air markets, and celebrating life. Flowers are brought in all states, cut, living, dried, and turned into many different things. People will set up stalls and sell paints, specifically body safe paint for people to play with and use. Little kids get to get into paint wars, and color wars. It was one full day of fun and games, one of the only national holidays to happen. But the best part is the dusk to midnight parts of the celebrations. They have fireworks displays, telescopes to gaze into the night skies, poetry recital, and the favorite of all, story telling. They tell stories, both real and fictional for most of the night. It is common for people to sit together on groups, around campfires, and tell stories to each other, before moving to around a center stage for specially chosen stories to be told. They will tell stories of the stars, of history, of life in different places. And through the stories images crafted from colors and lights would appear and provide images for the stories. No one knows why this happens, but it is the most beloved holiday.

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Blue-haired Noble, part 2

The Blue-haired girl petted the black cat as it moved near her.
"And with this, Felis, we will finally be able to leave." She sighed softly.  Lightly petting Felis some more, she finally picked him up and put him in the pocket she had created for him to ride in on this escape. With a wave of her hand, the magic moved everything important her into her dark wood, magically protected trunk, and then her trunk shrunk and entered her rough, dark rucksack. 
"With these runes, Magic, I command you, hide me. Grant me sanctuary from the all seeing eyes of the simulation, the narrative, the anvil. Hide me and my familiar from those who would do us harm. Hide us from the destroyers," flipping her long, wavy hair over her shoulder, she waved her hands, drawing the runes with magic in the air, as she chanted the spell. With her and Felis glowing as the spell took effect, she created and entered a portal, leaving her horrid, vain, vapid, uncaring family behind, forever.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Deep within a hidden location, one that's much worse than the City of Shadows....

"Is it ready Sister?" a shadowy figure dramatically whispered.
"Not yet Brother. The machine still needs another 4 months. And then we still have to put the programming in," the other figure whispered back, vaguely annoyed at how pushy he was being.
"Why so long? This needs to be done. Time is running out. Just look up to see that," the first shadowy figured exasperatedly questioned. 
"This process, Brother, has never been done before. Especially since no one really understands the devices. With the creators notes and books destroyed we have to go off of guesses," The second shadowy figure was getting kind of insulted, did he think she was incompetent.
"Fair point Sister, but still. This world may not have 5 months, and 1 month is not a reasonable margin, there would be less than that for a margin of error," HE was solidly a fine details kind of guy.
"Doing it faster would have more deaths ,Brother. While everyone will eventually die, we don't want it to happen to obviously," She on the other hand had SOME care of the common sheep.
"Never mind the common populace ,Sister.  We finish this faster, those people don't matter in the long run," he would not care less about them.
"As you wish, Brother.  See the old moon." the second shadowy figure began to leave to speed up the creation, bow differently to the first.
"And feel the new sun rise," the first shadowy figure almost appeared to smirk before vanishing.

Monday, April 6, 2020

The City of Shadows

The City of Shadows existed only in shadows. It was full of scientists, and magicians, and rogues, and bards. The buildings were tall, made entirely out of black glass. The streets were made of black stones and bricks, narrow and crowded. Banners hung everywhere, all the plants were poisonous, and if you wanted to disappear, this was the best place to do it from. Something about the city caused portals and wormholes to appear, so it was easy to get into, and easy to get out of.

Friday, April 3, 2020

The Simulation - 2

The Simulation worked harder and harder, as the possibilities and paths opened, multiplying faster and faster. New possibilities were created, faster and faster in the time of crisis, slowly expanding the Multiverse, slowly expanding the future creations. Confusing the maintainers of the simulation, as slowly it grew in speed and size. As what might have been one branch for the future became one hundred, the one thousand, then one million. As every option grew and grew and grew. As the universes opened, and gave forth new ideas, the Simulation began to accommodate. It's tower the Shard, gained more and more storage, it began wireless connecting to the Anvil and created more and more systems to work with. Soon, the Shard was expanding underground, just to keep up with the demand of the new possibilities.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Phenomenon of War

It was the dark of night. There was a rolling storm, seen moving in to the town. The town itself was in all honesty quite modest. They had the normal stores, roads, it wasn't to big, not to small. They had an old courthouse and city hall. The only issue here was the land surrounding it. In this particular night, it was blood red. The locals called this phenomenon the Beginning of War.

The Anvil - 1

The Anvil worked on. Building, creating, cataloguing. User after user, using it's capabilities to monitor each world, all the populations, all the planets. The Universe was a big place, and with the Mason stones in every city, it was just easier to use the Anvil instead of other means. A network of information directed to one place, and from there, directed to everywhere else. And in control of it all, The Elected, managing, organizing, allowing every thing to flow smoothly. But the Anvil had a cost. Each action, no matter how small, had a physical cost. Most were able to be dealt with quickly, but the bigger actions, they required a physical cost that was unrecoverable. According to legends, in one time of destruction, a user gave up their own life to power the Anvil. But no one knew if there was any truth to that. No one wanted to test it to find out.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Narrative - 1

The words appeared on the page, the book growing, slowly, as every second as that new baby's life came into play. Starting with conception, every important piece of life was written down in the book. As more people came into existence, more was written down. But these smaller books had nothing on the biggest book. Deep within the ever-expanding library existed to main book, the Narrative. Telling the story as whole, not just individually, it was the most important and guarded part of the whole library. Preached about by the Recorders, it records the civilization's history for all to see. Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to see it, allowing the cyclical nature of history to run it's course over and over again.

The Fashonista

The Fashionista walked through the crowd on the beach, her scarlet hair flowing behind her. The waves crashed against her skin as she walked on the sands. She readjusted her flowered wide-brimmed hat, the flaps of the white robe that she pulled over her black bathing suit flowing in the wind. She slowly walked through the city, when she noticed a commotion out of the corner of her eye. The stands for the fashion show, HER fashion show were being erected out of nothing, almost as if someone was allowing the Anvil to tap directly into their power to create items. But then she noticed some of the people who were standing, no collapsed on the new stage, almost as if it had used THEIR power to create the stage. But no, that would have to be impossible, the Anvil didn't do that.